Thursday, March 27, 2014

Don't Jacuzzi Me of Waste

When we bought our house (3 years ago) it came with this lovely jacuzzi hot tub. Please try to reign in your jealousy. 
Our realtor tried to use it as a selling point but all we were thinking was how do we get rid of that thing? Seriously, there might as well have been a junk car in the side yard.

It is the type of monstrosity that you would ask the previous owner to remove so that it wouldn't be your problem, but in our case the previous owner was the bank and so everything was our problem.

Some of you may remember me offering it up for FREE! We had some interest but apparently no one had a hitch big enough nor enough friends to come help haul away an eight-man-hot-tub.

If you are wondering who would want to be in a hot tub with 7 other people, my only answer is swingers, which answers some other questions I have about our house, re: bar.

So, despite our desire for it to have a swinging life elsewhere, we ultimately had to make the hard decision to send it to the dump. But how to get it there?

Enter my dear old Dad. He really loves some demo.

He started pulling it apart, by hand, on Thanksgiving weekend. It was soon obvious that he would need his sawzall, which happened to be in New York at the time and Dana's was already wrapped for Christmas. I wasn't about to blow that surprise, so instead, we (my neighbors included) looked at an even more busted hot tub sitting on our patio for another 4 months.

Until my Dad came to visit again! Hooray!

He thought it would take all morning but he was mostly done by 10 o'clock. Which allowed me to snap this almost done aerial shot before heading out the door.

After a morning of running errands, I returned to this fabulous pile of rubble waiting for us to haul to the dump.

I have never been happier to throw something away, and in a house of reclaimists that is really saying something.
There was so much mildew and rotting wood to this thing it became clear that it really wasn't salvageable anyway, which lifted some serious eco-guilt off of my shoulders.

So, on a beautiful, sunny Saturday my father and I loaded up an SUV and headed to the dump...5 TIMES!!!
Not that I'm complaining that it took 4 hours, I actually quite enjoy the country drive to the dump and I got to spend some time with my Dad, I just could have done without the mildew smell.

Ta Da! Look at that junk-free deck!
If you're thinking, "man, that deck needs work." Yep, we know, it does, and someday we'll get rid of the lattice work (yuck) and build a new deck. But for now, I'm just psyched that we don't have a busted hot tub on our property anymore. 

Oh, wait, never mind, we actually have another non-working jacuzzi tub in our master bath too. I'm telling you, this house had to be built by swingers.

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