Wednesday, February 26, 2014

applique + alabama chanin style + giveaway

I love Alabama Chanin! How could I not? It's beautiful. Every garment has been hand stitched by folks living in Alabama, folks that could be your neighbors. She encourages use of upcycled jersey. Did I mention how beautiful it is?

I have flipped through the Alabama Stitch Book so many times it's just crazy that I don't actually own this book. My local library does, however, and it was time I actually made something from it.

Aside from scarves, I've been focusing my making on spring/summer attire. I want to be ready when the warmth comes back. Headbands are part of my Summer style so I started there.

I grabbed some old tees and followed the pattern for the Lace-Stripe Headband. I choose a different stencil from the book since I wanted to do the reverse appliqué instead of paint and bead (which is what the project calls for.)

Sharpie marker was listed as an acceptable tool to stencil with and I jumped on that. It is also encouraged to show your knot-off thread. I didn't like the look of it on every "leaf" so I knotted off top side and bottom.

It was so much easier than I thought it would be so I quickly started on a second.

I bought this shirt five years ago to wear on my honeymoon. It got stained somewhere along the way and has been tucked in the back of my closet since pre-pregnancy. I couldn't bare to toss it, so...
...headband #2.

Since I used reverse appliqué on the first, I thought I would use regular appliqué on the second. This plan would also involve using some beading techniques from the book. I decided to machine stitch my layers together this time to have a more subtle edge.

I opted to not use any particular stencil from the book for round 2 and instead free-hand cut some leaf-like shapes from another old tee.

I'm not really into beading, but oddly enough, I had 3 colors of  beads to choose from stashed away in a drawer (they're at least 10 years old.)
These silver/translucent ones looked great.

Since I'm not a blingy type of girl I only beaded 4 of the leaves and left the rest with the plain & pretty hand stitching.

Here they both are; appliqué and reverse appliqué. They both came out so perfectly rustic, you will be sure to see more of this style from me in the future. Psst, I've already adorned another abandoned tee.

I'll admit that I am more in love with the yellow one, despite this strange pic. Maybe it's the shirt's history, maybe it just matches my earrings better. But you know when you love one thing more, you won't wear the other. So, it is time for:

Just leave me a comment below if you want to win this rust colored headband! Hmmmm, let's say you have until Monday, March 3rd at 8am.

 If more than one of you dear friends and family (let's face it you are the only ones reading this) are interested then I'll let the little guy pull a name out of a hat. Because we are super hi-tech around here.
Good Luck!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

a tale of two scarves

 The other day we went to story time, Desmond discovered Rice Krispy Treats and I discovered the Bandana Scarf.

A little girl was wearing one and I moseyed over to her mother to ask about it's origin...Sweden, of course. No worries, I was already going to make one anyway, because...


Desmond hates wearing his scarf no matter how cold. I think it covers too much of his face and inhibits his ability to eat snow. With another winter storm on the way I came home and started sewing (during nap time obviously.) 

I had recently picked up this flannel shirt at The Bins thinking the pattern would be great for a future something for the little guy.

I grabbed a bandana from my drawer and copied an approximate size of the fabric folded in half, just a big triangle. The back of the shirt wasn't big enough so I cut, and added, a sleeve to it.

Then I rooted around in my flannel pile until I came up with a good backing. This bicycle print I used for Desmond's 2nd birthday party was the clear winner.

Seen in these two bottom banners:

Last I grabbed some jersey scraps to make the raw edge bias tape and zig-zagged it on. It was done in no time at all.

I'm pretty sure he likes it too. He actually wanted me to tie it on him and then wore it around the house for most of the morning.

These shots aren't great, toddler on the move, but you get the picture. Looks like we'll get to check out in the elements soon,  but since keeping it on him is the hardest part I think we'll be in good shape.

Now on to scarf number two.

Someone, me, got some awesome yarn for Christmas in a color I had been searching for. It's Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Dijon.

I really don't crochet much beyond a chain stitch but I just had to give this double crochet infinity scarf by Delia Creates a shot.

This was actually my second attempt at this scarf, I made one for  a friend first and, honestly, her's is better. I took mine apart several times and started over. But, hey, I love it anyway.

 You would have to get way up close and personal with me to see it's flaws and at that range you might be distracted by the toddler stains on my shirt anyway.

So, the Mama Making continues, even if I did squeeze in a little something for my tasmanian toddler. I have actually been sewing up a storm for myself since I last posted, I just need to get around to blogging about it all.