Monday, November 18, 2013

a little help from our friends - garage update

 I am happy to report that the garage renovation is making progress and we will be warm this winter, a big plus. We wouldn't be as far as we've come in the past couple of months without a little help from friends and family.

In late September, when an aerator snafu gave Dana's Dad a free afternoon he came over to help hang the insulation. That one simple project, and the falling temperatures, got the garage project rolling. 

With the insulation in and some minor electrical work handled it was time to tackle that horrible cement floor.

It was cold and stained and, worst of all, not level, not at all, not even a little bit.

It did wear the names of the people who built our house though...

...and a date. My husband and I were both 6-years-old.

But that history is history and it was time for a nice level floor.

Dana's folks helped us out again, his Dad with the concrete mixing and his Mom watched Desmond since I was needed on this project.

We used self-leveling cement to get this baby as close to level as she could be. I was the concrete spreader, and man, I think I missed my calling as a mason. Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT, it looked good.

I snagged the camera for some quick shots when we were halfway through, it's tough to record these moments when it's all hands on deck.

With the fresh cement floor down we are now ready to lay a sub-floor and our hardwoods, maybe laminate, we just need to agree on one. 

In the interim we managed to tackle PART 1 of our heating and cooling issues by installing a ductless mini split.

Sometimes you take a natural childbirth class and you meet lifelong friends, the husband portion of those friends may just be an HVAC pro, who knew. 

After a dinner together a couple of weeks ago, some behind the scenes details worked out, one full day of work last Saturday and, ta da, we had proper heat in the garage by quitting time. Right about when the wife and child portion joined us for a chili  dinner with some cornbread and pumpkin pie, yum.

This is also a good pic of that nice cement floor I spread, under all of the equipment mess of course.

Yay, no more constant faint breeze blowing into the living room!
And, in case you were wondering, this baby is super quiet inside and out.

*Bonus News: The mini-spit came on a half pallet that I have saved for a future crafty project.

With the mini split in, Dana tackled PART 2 of the heating and cooling issues by removing the old duct work this weekend. It was always inefficient to say the least, and now it was just taking up valuable real estate in the closet and the garage attic.

In a house that has surprisingly limited storage I'm really psyched to be gaining an attic, a small attic, but it will be big enough to store baby gear and that's good enough for me.

Yes, that closet space has our junction boxes in it, that is going to take some figuring since we would like to use the space for coats and games. But for now, all of the duct is gone and a little, narrow, built-in book shelf is going to be taking it's place.

Those closet doors were a horrible fit and are headed toward some repurposing when we get around to it. A new back door has been ordered and is on the way along with a window we are having installed in the near future.

I'm starting to feel good about this renovation, so much so that I should probably stop calling the space "the garage" and upgrade it to "future family room." Yes!

Now in honor of all of the help from our friends and family it's time to enjoy Desmond's favorite video. Hoggify!

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