Monday, October 21, 2013


 My love for the state of Maine is no secret and had I met it before Virginia I would probably be living there now. Being married to a man from Maine is surely the next best thing.  

It had been four years since our last trip and we were due back. 
Here is a brief recap of all of the things that made my heart sing last week.

I'm not quite sure Desmond appreciated my need to take a photo with every oversized statue on the side of the road but he will someday, this was his first giant lobster.

If you are staying within two hours of Alewives you go there. It's in an old barn, of course, and is the most fantastic fabric store I have ever been in. I picked out a little sampling to bring home.

Desmond was keeping warm under his pirate hat in Portland while we waited for the ferry to take us to Peak's Island. 

He loved the boat and life got even better when he realized we were going on a bike ride.

We rented bikes at Brad and Wyatt's and took the 4 mile cruise around the island. It was totally worth lugging Desmond's helmet across seven states.

One road even led us to some honor system honey. Seriously!

Of course I had to bring some home with us. Being honest pays off too, I was rewarded with seeing this live bee just hanging out with the profits. 
Dana called him a "money bee," I acted like it wasn't funny, but it was.

We spent a second day poking around Portland and checked out the Cryptozoology museum
Honestly, I was most interested in all of the creatures the girl who works there handmade. Like a to-scale giant squid that hangs on the wall and some of the souvenirs, she made Desmond's Yeren (the Bigfoot of China) finger puppet that he is holding up.

Here he is not being waved about by a toddler. Awesome.

Just down the street from the museum was this fantastic cafe called Local Sprouts, we actually ate there for breakfast and lunch it was so good. They had a "Maine food map" showing where your food came from and a play area for kids. It was my dining dream come true.

Another food favorite was Pizza by Alex. I cannot possibly relay the level of deliciousness.

We also did a good amount of picnicking, which is Desmond's favorite way to eat, and plenty of running around time too when we were out on the road.

And running around back at the house with family too, lots of family.

So, another amazing trip to Maine. This was the sunset view from the front of the house, the back yard was the ocean. I may hate the drive there but I don't want to leave once we make it to Maine.

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