Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the garage revolution has begun

When we bought our house it came with this remodeled garage, correction, poorly remodeled garage. 

I'm actually surprised looking back three years later how not- horrible it looks in these pictures, but trust me on this one.

Alas, we painted it and it became my spacious studio. A definite improvement over sharing a space with a guest room and Dana's office at our old house.

Within our first year here it flooded. The whole rug had to be torn up and we discovered there was no sub-floor. Just carpet on cement, lovely.

Having been able to save all of my sewing things because I was home with a newborn at the time, we put down some cheap throw rugs, had the water issue resolved, and carried on.

The space worked fine but it was actually more square footage than I required and was becoming a catch-all for extra furniture and other homeless objects, or you could just call it a mess.

In preparation for a big garage-y overhaul I happily moved my studio to the smallest bedroom in our house this past March, you can read about that task here.

Then we had a yard sale for all of those extra objects. It was a miserable, rainy day but we popped up our tents and went through with it. Smartest yard sale move ever!!! 
The little guy loved it too.

Shortly after, the walls came down. Goodbye crappy faux wood paneling. 

We enlisted my Dad to pull all of the remaining nails from the studs, there were over 100, yikes. Somebody really wanted to keep that paneling in place, like, forever.

And, oh the electrical work that needs to be done in here. For starters the two baseboards needed to come out. The old relics  weren't being used and just collected dust, yuck, so out they came.

Dana also moved all of the outlets down toward the floor, like say, a normal room would have. Ours were at waist height, like a garage would have, because it was a garage after all, we have oil stains on the concrete floor to prove it.

So, here is where we stand now. The walls are off, the old, low R-value insulation is out. Baseboards are out and outlets have been moved. We have batts of new insulation waiting to go in and a "to do" list a mile long.

I am still storing some miscellaneous items in this room, as you can tell if you look to the bottom right corner of this pic. Mostly Christmas decorations and a, um, couch. Nothing that can't be protected by old sheets. 

It's going to be a long road to revolution in here, it definitely won't be done by the new year as we had hoped, but we'll get there.

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