Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Boy Bed...Part 2

When we left off in the Big Boy Bed saga, here, my father and I had to make an unexpected repair to Dana's childhood bed and I was getting ready to paint.

I fashioned an impromptu paint hood in our carport out of the GIANT plastic bag that Desmond's mattress came in and it worked great.

A couple coats of primer on the head and foot board and we were looking like this:

Then it got rainy and the bed sat in our sun porch for a couple of months.

Eventually the weather turned perfect and I snagged my opportunity before the heat came to spray some color on. 

I used Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Glossy Dark Gray, in case you wondered.

And in a couple of weekends I was able to call this baby done.

Here it is all shiny and new again, with side rail addition.

 It's a BabyHome Bed Rail, one of the few that work with slat beds, and so far we are loving it. We even took it with us when we traveled to my folks and it works great with a box spring too.

I'm sure you are noticing that I didn't paint the base sides. I never had any intention too. They are metal and I figured one crash with a toy truck and the paint chips would fly. 

Also, as Desmond grows and doesn't need the side rail anymore his comforter will cover the sides.

And that crack in the headboard is barely noticeable now after some wood putty and about eight coats of paint. Even less so when you add throw pillows.

Yes, I managed to finish the throw pillows from this project, and here too, just in time. That cowboy print is from Mary Jo's in Gastonia, North Carolina, we made a special stop en route to Texas last year.

I actually think they look even better with the flannel sheets.

 What are the chances I can score another plaid after Christmas for $5 again this year? Yep, seems unlikely to me too but stranger things have happened.

The orange tumbleweed pattern actually makes another appearance on this bed. The pillow used to be a standard size pillowcase that I thrifted a while ago with a twin duvet here

The duvet ended up being the perfect solution to a prickly slat board problem. I just slid the slat board into the duvet before I set the mattress on top and now I don't have to worry about slivers in the mattress or little fingers.

I'm so glad I followed through with this project and didn't run out and buy something new at the first sign of trouble. With all of the nasty chemicals seeping from new furniture I'm glad we had a better option.

During this process my mother-in-law also informed me that there is a whole other bed just like this at her house. The conversation went something like,"You know those were bunk beds, right?" Insert jaw dropping here. "We have the other one in our attic if you want it." YES!!!

Looks like I'm going to be doing this all over again someday for future baby number 2. Hopefully next time I can get it done in less than three months, maybe.


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  2. Really cute! I love the cowboy motif fabric. I am looking for flannel sheets with Cowboys on them for my grandsons. These babies just grow up too fast.


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