Friday, August 23, 2013

a different kind of barn sale

 Back in May I was hot on the trail of a "HUGE YARD SALE" when I came upon another, as so happens on the yard sale trail. I did a drive-by and things were looking sparse since it was almost 10:30am, but I decided that a stroll through might be worth it and I was right.

Holy wooden play barn sitting open with it's accessories showing in the middle of much fancier items. It didn't have a price and with no home owner in sight I was ready to move along until...

 ...a voice yelled from the garage "I'm willing to make a deal." So I asked him to name his price and almost fell over when he said, "Well, we were asking five dollars." FIVE DOLLARS!!! 

The barn was in barely played with condition and was all wood. Despite my excitement, this wasn't my first day at the rodeo, so I offered him three bucks and he took it. THREE DOLLARS and it was mine, the man even offered to bring it to my car for me. 

Before I even made it to the car I had already decided to paint it. Alas, it was July before I got around to this.

Despite the nay sayers in my house, ahem Dana, I primed it. The trim was going to be white anyway and I thought it wouldn't hurt.

 I had a small jar of black craft paint hanging around and it covered the roof nicely in two coats without primer. The craft paint was matte and so I gave it another two coats of water-based polyurethane to shine it up and make it smooth to the touch.

I used an Olympic No VOC white base we already had for the trim and I bought a three dollar sample can of Valspar's Burning Bush for the barn red.

My Mom was really impressed that I had made the paint look like real barn planks. This was a happy accident. The brush I used applied the paint inconsistently, it just happened to look really good.

I thought the barn needed to close securely since it came with a corral to store inside and I was going to add animals. Two bucks at Lowe's bought these two perfectly sized hooks. I thought this was going to be a tough find but it was the easiest part.

They went on easy too!

Now to compare; before...

...and after!!!

And with animals!!! Since the barn's total price tag (with hooks and paint) came to a whopping $8 I splurged on the wooden livestock by Plan Toys. 

The sheep's wool can even be removed for shearing! It's awesome.

The most important opinion is Desmond's, of course, and since he plays with it everyday I'd say it's a winner.

It's proven people, in affairs of the heart and yard sales, always go with your gut.

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