Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the flower anniversary

 Every year on our wedding anniversary Dana and I get each other something from "the list." You know, 1st anniversary = paper (tickets to Bonnaroo) 3rd anniversary = leather (leather sectional) you get the idea.

This year, our 4th, was fruit/flowers. We use the traditional list, not the modern, because we find the categories are more practical.

This house needs about ten years of landscaping work so a little anniversary flowers sounded good to us. Enter a whole bunch of "full sun" plants we happened upon while looking for a gift for my mother-in-law.

I wasn't quite ready to decide (hot and tired) but Dana pointed out to me that we were agreeing on the plants we liked and therefore we should move forward. 

Since this was going to require way more work on his part I agreed. So, see where that small pine is blocking the view of our front door? It was headed up and to the left.

That was something we had actually agreed upon last summer. Not only is it terrible placement for the front view of the house but you can see how horribly it was leaning down hill when you are entering our home.

Dana started by pulling up all of those long grasses and grouping  them together to the right by the crepe myrtle. During all of this digging he also discovered that the former owner's landscapers never unbundled the crepe myrtle's roots from the wire. I actually can't believe it's been thriving since we've been here. I also can't believe that Dana managed to remove all of the wire without disrupting the tree, he's awesome. 

We happened to have a big bare spot in our front bed where some dying plants were when we moved in. With some nice tall trees nearby we needed something of medium height, our fancy tree was looking like a perfect fit. 

Placement check? Everyone is happy? Time to plant.

Whoa! You can actually see our front door, the walkway and our doggie in the window too.

And so much more welcoming. I love that purple sage!

I even think that for the first time in three years I actually like that pine tree. Now to figure out what is trying to kill our hydrangea to the right, I swear it was gorgeous two weeks ago.

I look at this picture and still see so much that needs to be done but one look at the house when we bought it and I am once again proud of how far we've come.

Seriously, the little man was only a 6 week old embryo when I took this picture, and now...

...he's our little helper.

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