Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little White Shelf

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. There has been plenty of making and doing in our household to report on, then again, that explains the delay. 

There have been a lot of projects in the works in the last couple of months that have finally seen completion. But let's start where we left off, shall we...

Remember my geeky joy at pulling this shelf from my dad's scrap wood bin? He thought I was totally nuts.

It wasn't exactly ready to go up on the wall. Note that the scalloped trim doesn't quite reach to the edges of the shelf.

This is probably because it wasn't a shelf in it's former life but some sort of wooden valance.

That extra length was definitely going to have to come off.

This could have been two quick cuts with a power saw but I was fearful of damaging the trim if I removed it. So, with scalloped edge on, I got to work with the hand saw. 

Which was neither difficult or time consuming, to my surprise.

 I did a light sanding to smooth out the edges and cleaned off any barn gunk that was left.

I finished the edges with a couple of coats of white paint that I already had in the house. I didn't try to color match or yellow the new paint for such a small patch.

I have to say that the hardest part of this whole project was finding brackets small enough for the shelf. It is really narrow, only 4.5 inches deep, and that is far from the standard.

I got lucky at my favorite local "junk" store. They had these cast iron reproduction brackets that were small enough to do the trick.

The brackets were a perfect pairing for the vintage shelf. 
It looks so cute up in my studio. It also gives me a great little ledge for some of my personal crafty treasures.

I have to call this trash-to-treasure project a complete success. It was super easy, super cheap (just $8 for 2 brackets,) and super functional. 

Take that, scrap wood bin! 

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