Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Boy Bed...Part 1

When I met my husband, ten years ago, I never imagined that the twin bed in his "guest" room would ever have a place in our lives together. How wrong I was.

That little twin bed was his childhood bed. Although it lived in the attic of our first home I did not win the argument to give it away when we were ready to move into our now home.

Even though our new home has more square footage, it lacks the attic space for a bed and is sans basement.

So like most of our oddball, misfit belongings, it was relegated to my old studio. Where it lived for two plus years...

...until Demond was getting ready to move into a big boy bed.

Using Dana's old bed was the obvious choice, and after pricing out some new beds, yikes, it was the thrifty choice. It wasn't going to happen over night though, this baby needed some t.l.c.

My folks were visiting in March and my dad offered to help with some of the more unsavory tasks, like stripping the 30+ year old fabric and foam off of the slat board bottom.

Seriously, he should have been wearing a mask. And for those of you who are concerned, my fabric stash was secured right after this photo was taken.

Let's just take a moment to enjoy this super 70's bicentennial print. If it wasn't so gross, and slightly smelly, I would have been sad to see it go.

It wasn't until the slat board had been stripped and cleaned that we noticed the giant crack in the left corner of the headboard.
I know it wasn't there before we moved but the move itself, or sitting for two years in a corner, could have done it. 

Honestly, I almost abandoned the project right there. But 
as I sat on the concrete floor pondering my options I noticed this label:

Branded into the wood was the manufacturers logo. 
Made in Maine! The birthplace of my husband! Oh, this bed wasn't leaving our house, I would persevere.

Side note: Moosehead Furniture was founded in 1947, they are still in business and still making their goods in Maine.

My Dad and I had a lot of ideas on how to fix this baby. Since I was going to paint it we settled on the easiest, and the sturdiest, route.

Wood putty on the front side...

...metal brace on the back.

That was an unexpected hurtle but I was feeling good about our band-aid and ready to move onto the painting. Little did I know that between weekend adventures, and rainy days, this would take the next 3 months to complete.

Which is partly why this project is broken down into two posts.
To be continued...

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