Thursday, June 13, 2013

Put On Your Barn Shoes

We just got back from a trip to visit my family. The weather was rainy and too cold for this southern girl but there was one day that was perfect for heading to the barn.

I have so many wonderful childhood memories of that barn, drinking a cold juice box after a long afternoon of hard work. I didn't care what the chore was, if it was happening at the barn I was volunteering. 

This visit was less nostalgia and more archaeological dig.

I was allowed to lay claim to all the "junk" I wanted. What a great day, it was like starring in my own personal episode of American Pickers, only everything was free.

I was psyched to have rescued this sore-thumb, girlie shelf from the scrap wood bin. I'm sure it will be relegated to my studio but I don't care.
It doesn't take much people.

Metal watering can and vintage grape box? Yes, please!!!

These cans have held nuts and bolts before I was even born.
Luckily the pipe smoking habit didn't last as long as the can.

A couple of these wood pulleys came home with us, I see some diy light fixtures in my future.

There wasn't enough time to rummage through the work bench but I did grab those bells in the square bucket. The three together were a part of my great-grandfathers horse drawn sleigh...absolutely amazing.

I don't know if those wagon wheels will ever make it to our house but I am nuts over this old screen door. It would make the best garden gate.

I think this was my first time up in the barn attic, I was strictly forbidden as a child, but oh, the treasures that awaited me up there... skis to wear while being pulled by a snow mobile. Someone clearly didn't think that idea through. 
Their reckless nature doesn't make them any less awesome though, I'm thinking Desmond's room when he's a little older, hmmmmm.

I'm not sure which pile of "old awesome-ness" prompted Dana to remark, "I want our shed to look like this barn." but I totally agree.

I don't know when the family glider turned to rust but if I can find a way to restore it I will.

Alas, no trip to the barn can be complete without a wagon ride. I had to ride with Desmond for safety, but honestly, I was more excited than he was. 

The whole experience brought about much head shaking by Dana. And there was a lot of questioning as to where things were going to live in our house. 

I ignored it all. Nothing was going to dampen my spirits for my fantastical voyage to the barn.