Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby's First Home

After a week of the chicken pox, and Calamine lotion on his scalp, it was obvious that Desmond's hair was out of control.

We couldn't put this off any longer and so the time had come for our little guy's first haircut.

Here is our before. Just after he woke up and we hadn't brushed his hair yet but it wouldn't be much improved anyway. Brushing curly hair just makes it frizzier, there was no winning this battle.

As much as I wanted to let his hair grow and grow I couldn't let him look like this any longer. But, I hadn't made a decision on whether or not to do it myself. Who to go to? Would I mess it up? Would they mess it up? 

A quick facebook poll of my friends was split down the middle with good reasoning for both sides and so I was left with my gut.

And my gut was very clear in it's decision making. My son would NEVER sit still for a stranger with scissors. There would be lots of tears and clinging to his Mama. 

This all seemed like a lot of unnecessary anxiety for a toddler and drama for a mama. I know a thing or two about cutting curly hair myself, these were not unchartered waters.

On a quiet Sunday morning, just after breakfast, Dana and I made our move. We moved Desmond's "high chair" into the living room and plopped it right in front of the tv. We didn't even need cartoons, just Sunday Morning, and we grabbed him some snackies for his tray.

Before we started we told Desmond he was going to get a haircut like Dada, which Dana does himself while Desmond watches, he nodded in agreement.

I cut and Dana simultaneously chatted with Desmond and directed me to any spots I was missing. Desmond was calm and playful with Dana while eating his snacks. He was totally unfazed by my cutting.

I didn't do a perfect job but curly hair can be as forgiving as it can be troublesome. We think he looks fantastic, our handsome boy.

Of course we kept a lock for each of us. I had these stamp collector's envelopes that worked perfectly. Nope, I don't collect stamps.

I am so glad we decided to do this ourselves. We may have saved a little money but, more importantly, we spared Desmond and us the epic toddler meltdown that would have ensued. 

When you see an opportunity to have some calm in your life you should take it.

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