Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrap Skirt for Mama

 Every now and then I actually squeeze in a little time to make something for myself, not including mending or altering. 

I'll admit that sometimes these projects have been on my mind for almost 2 years.

I scored this feather print fabric two Craft Swaps ago. When I pulled it from the pile I thought it was just yardage but when I got it home I saw it was partially sewn into a dress already.

Give a shout if this was your abandoned project! 

I had originally wanted to turn it into a wrap dress like this little number I had taped in my sketch book. But, alas, there wasn't enough of it to go around, tee hee.

Instead I focused on what I loved about this dress in the first place; the solid trim at the bust and the frayed hem. They would serve as my inspiration for a wrap skirt.

I found a coordinating fabric in my stash to pair with the feather print. It matched great but was also a linen and therefore perfect for a frayed hem.

To create the frayed hem I left the bottom edge raw but added two lines of tight stitching above it. I also ran a bead of Fray Check between them for extra security. 
A frayed hem is cute, I dissolving hem isn't.

I used a bias tape in taupe to create the piping detail at the waist and trim work on the overlapping front panels.

The previous owner of the fabric had already stitched in some pockets and I was able to salvage them for my skirt, bonus.

The waistband is long enough to wrap all the way around, like in my inspiration pic. Just a button hole and a tied bow to hold this gal on tight.

I can't believe I'm finally going to cross this one off of my list and in the appropriate season even. That isn't always easy to pull off.

I haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet but with warm temps all week I shouldn't have a problem. 
Hmm, maybe completion of all Mama projects should come with a bonus date night. I like that idea.

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