Thursday, April 11, 2013

the pillow project continues

Let me just say that when I gave myself the goal of a pillow a week I did not foresee contracting the most heinous stomach bug I have ever had. I was right on schedule and then, well, I spent Easter morning in the ER.

But, I'm back at it.

Here is a look at how our second pillow turned out.

I scored this orange print last June, it was an Ikea duvet and pillowcase set.
I was so psyched I actually wrote about it here.

It may sound like I had a lot of fabric to work with but not so. I was clearly coming up short.

I am saving the duvet for another bed project and the pillowcase was already chopped up to make the pockets and waistband of this skirt.

Luckily, I already had this skirt in my sewing pile because it is in need of a guessed it...waistband. 

Let the seam ripping and salvaging began!

All of that piece work made this pillow cover take a lot longer than I anticipated but I really love the way it looks.

The fabric was also pretty thin, and the pillow form a little scratchy, so I added a lightweight cotton lining.

Don't forget that I'm practicing my zipper installation skills.
I'm already improving.

There she is, sitting pretty.

Note: The floral pillowcase is mine and just a temporary filler.

And if you weren't convinced this pattern could be manly, here it is with Desmond's flannel sheet set. How very rugged and tumbleweed-y.

Hmmmmmmmm, speaking of tumbleweeds, time to whip up something with that cowboy print I scored on our trip to Texas.

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