Friday, April 26, 2013

Bucket Hat - Season 2

I can't believe it's been a year since I wrote about making this hat for Desmond. What a little baby he still was. 

Well, that hat had a great many compliments all summer long and it was a favorite in our house too. It kept the sun off his chubby little face and it looked great too.

Although he is somehow still fitting into those pants, he had outgrown the hat by the end of last season. So, of course, he would need a new hat for this summer.

I used the exact same pattern from Oliver + S, just the next size up. And, this year, we wouldn't be needing to add the ties.

I am happy to report, as I always am, that these fabrics cost me almost nothing. The green dot was from a yard sale (when I was very pregnant and could barely bend to shop) and the plaid from this years Craft Swap.

It was so much easier to construct the second time around and the fabric combo came out looking great. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics of the reversible side.

I did tweak the pattern just a bit to give the hat a slightly larger brim. I used 1/4" seam allowances instead of the recommended 1/2" but with the same amount of fabric.

As for leaving the ties out, good call. We hardly used them last year and he hasn't even tried to pull off his hat this year, such a mature little man.

Or an old man, because this hat is a bit old-man-y. That may be why I love it so much.

I think the little ladies lovin' it too.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

toddlers have no taste

Desmond didn't need a little chair but when I saw this guy at a consignment sale I couldn't resist.  

I wasn't worried about it's obvious wear and tear because within seconds I had decided to paint it.

I wasn't down for any sanding and so I followed a great tutorial here. Which included a primer coat with this guy.

Somehow I forgot to get a photo of the chair painted white. This is extra strange since it stayed white for several weeks while we used it in our kitchen.

I went back and forth trying to decided whether the chair should be a turquoise blue or orange. I ultimately held out both cans to Desmond and let him choose.

He picked Glossy Real Orange.
I don't recommend this type of decision making.

Spectacular Fail!
 I HATED it. It was like we were the ultimate sports fans of any number of teams. I also couldn't get road construction imagery or the Home Depot out of my head. 

It was just too bright.

I decided that I had two options. Try to paint over it with the blue color I originally liked or go for a richer orange.

Fire Orange in Satin won because, honestly, it was going to be easier to cover orange with orange.

And I was right about that.

Ta Da!!! An orange I can live with. Toned down just enough to protect my vision.

You can tell the difference right? Subtle, but worth the extra effort.

Desmond likes it too, I don't think he noticed the editing I did to his color choice.

All he really cares about is that the chair is perfect for eating snacks off the counter, watching his dada cook, and...'s the perfect place to sit and pull on his favorite yellow boots.

He may not have needed it but he uses it all the time. Spectacular win.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrap Skirt for Mama

 Every now and then I actually squeeze in a little time to make something for myself, not including mending or altering. 

I'll admit that sometimes these projects have been on my mind for almost 2 years.

I scored this feather print fabric two Craft Swaps ago. When I pulled it from the pile I thought it was just yardage but when I got it home I saw it was partially sewn into a dress already.

Give a shout if this was your abandoned project! 

I had originally wanted to turn it into a wrap dress like this little number I had taped in my sketch book. But, alas, there wasn't enough of it to go around, tee hee.

Instead I focused on what I loved about this dress in the first place; the solid trim at the bust and the frayed hem. They would serve as my inspiration for a wrap skirt.

I found a coordinating fabric in my stash to pair with the feather print. It matched great but was also a linen and therefore perfect for a frayed hem.

To create the frayed hem I left the bottom edge raw but added two lines of tight stitching above it. I also ran a bead of Fray Check between them for extra security. 
A frayed hem is cute, I dissolving hem isn't.

I used a bias tape in taupe to create the piping detail at the waist and trim work on the overlapping front panels.

The previous owner of the fabric had already stitched in some pockets and I was able to salvage them for my skirt, bonus.

The waistband is long enough to wrap all the way around, like in my inspiration pic. Just a button hole and a tied bow to hold this gal on tight.

I can't believe I'm finally going to cross this one off of my list and in the appropriate season even. That isn't always easy to pull off.

I haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet but with warm temps all week I shouldn't have a problem. 
Hmm, maybe completion of all Mama projects should come with a bonus date night. I like that idea.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

the pillow project continues

Let me just say that when I gave myself the goal of a pillow a week I did not foresee contracting the most heinous stomach bug I have ever had. I was right on schedule and then, well, I spent Easter morning in the ER.

But, I'm back at it.

Here is a look at how our second pillow turned out.

I scored this orange print last June, it was an Ikea duvet and pillowcase set.
I was so psyched I actually wrote about it here.

It may sound like I had a lot of fabric to work with but not so. I was clearly coming up short.

I am saving the duvet for another bed project and the pillowcase was already chopped up to make the pockets and waistband of this skirt.

Luckily, I already had this skirt in my sewing pile because it is in need of a guessed it...waistband. 

Let the seam ripping and salvaging began!

All of that piece work made this pillow cover take a lot longer than I anticipated but I really love the way it looks.

The fabric was also pretty thin, and the pillow form a little scratchy, so I added a lightweight cotton lining.

Don't forget that I'm practicing my zipper installation skills.
I'm already improving.

There she is, sitting pretty.

Note: The floral pillowcase is mine and just a temporary filler.

And if you weren't convinced this pattern could be manly, here it is with Desmond's flannel sheet set. How very rugged and tumbleweed-y.

Hmmmmmmmm, speaking of tumbleweeds, time to whip up something with that cowboy print I scored on our trip to Texas.