Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the new studio

These past couple of weeks I've been settling into my new studio space. A short move down the hall from my previous location in our converted garage. Although it is a quarter of the size it feels like a huge upgrade. Let's take a look around.

It's light, it's bright, and it's warm!!! 
What more can a girl ask for?

Although my old space accommodated a table for everything, I had to consolidate. My grandparent's old kitchen table has been my official work table for the past 13 years so it was a must. 
I also made our old dining table work double duty for sewing tools and my serger (thank goodness for fold down leaves.)

Speaking of double duty, this dry sink has great storage and the top shelf lifts up so I can actually use that ironing board. It was my grandmother's (she painted it her favorite color, green) and I think I remember it holding her sewing supplies too.

I haven't installed any wall shelving yet, but I did make room in my limited space for my paternal grandmother's thread and my maternal grandma's knitting needles.

Surrounding myself with ancestral objects make my machine sing.

Ah ha! The sewing machine of course! In front of the window where it belongs. This room has great light! (Not that this pic resembles that.)

My dress form, Juanita, tucks nicely into the corner and there is still room for the closet door to open. Yes! A real closet.
Let's take a look at the one in the old studio space.

A bigger closet indeed but all those wire shelves weren't functional for a seamstress, my finished garments hung on free standing racks. Not to mention that our electrical panel boxes are lurking behind that stripey bin.

And now...

Smaller? Yes, but look at all of the hanging space I have for projects in my sewing queue. I am loving having them neatly arranged where I can see them instead of piling up in a basket until I forget.

There is also, surprisingly, plenty of room in here for storage of my other random crafting adventures as well as a secret hiding spot for Desmond's gifts that I stash.

To wrap up our tour, here is a behind the door peek.
My over-the-door mirror actually has a door to go over.

Now to compare, here is my old space:

Dark, cold, cluttered, disorganized.

And the new space:

Bright, warm, fresh, and only enough room to be organized.

I am in love with my new space. Even if it means weeding out a little and letting go of some things. This just feels right.

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  1. Congrats! Getting into a better space is always good for the brain and creativity.