Friday, March 15, 2013

one resolution room

Remember that list of 3 big New Year's Resolutions for our house? It's here if you've forgotten.

We (I) actually managed to get one, yes ONE, room painted. So what if it's the smallest (non-bathroom) room.

 Here is what the color looked like before, yikes.

Since it was Dana's office, and therefore out of my direct viewing area, no one (me) was bothered by it's orangey-ness.

It was deemed the first room of the new year to paint because it's going to be my new studio least for a while.

Hey, if you have to move all of the future out of a room you might as well paint it. And lucky me, it just so happened paint samples were buy one get one free.

So after six (or was it eight?) paint swatches on the wall, we settled on Olympic's Zero VOC, Gray Ghost. It was a sample I originally picked up for the living room but it is much better suited here.

It's gray with the slightest undertone of purple, which we never suspected from the paint chip. It is the perfect color for my new work space.

And in case you are wondering what happened to all of those horrid outlets and switches that had been painted over as seen below...

We (Dana) hit the refresh button on those guys too, I haven't tried my hand at electrical work just yet.

The baseboards, trim and door got a little sprucing too. Trust me, they were looking really rough once the walls had a fresh coat.

I think I'm going to take a hot minute to enjoy and admire all of my hard work...which would not have happened so quickly if it wasn't for my folks being on Desmond duty for almost a week straight.

After that minute is up I will resume figuring out how I'm fitting all of this into a room a third of it's size.

Hmmmmm. Easy, right?

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