Friday, March 22, 2013

a pillow a week

Desmond is getting his own bed and he can hardly contain his excitement. It's like his own personal moon bounce.

To make a long story short, Desmond needed a new place to nap, um, at least 6 months ago. He doesn't have a crib.

So, having my folks in town was the perfect time to pick out a twin mattress. It fit in their car and therefore saved us the delivery fee.

Once we arranged the mattress in his room I realized we were going to need some pillows. You know, to keep him from clunking into the wall or the bed frame and maybe a couple on the floor too, just in case.

I made these patchwork covers when I was pregnant for our rocking chair and as extra nursing pillows. They are adorable but they don't exactly match my boys rough and tumble style.

It just so happens that I kind of stockpile things like pillows to recover whenever the mood strikes. This beauty came from my folks house when they bought a new couch and, therefore, new throw pillows.

 Enter the fabulous bag my mother made me in the Fall. Besides the fact that she totally wowed me with her new sewing skills, she also passed along the fabric remnants too. 
And I L-O-V-E this fabric.

It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to whip up a pillow cover but I will admit to being a little challenged in the zipper department. Zippers are a must, I need to be able to toss these babies in the wash.

So, what a great opportunity to hone my zipper installation skills, I'll make a pillow cover a week for the next few weeks.
Number one is already done.

I should have them all completed by the time his bed frame is ready. I've been hard at work on that too, I just need the weather to cooperate to finish it up.

Boy, am I ever glad he is lovin' his new nap spot.

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