Wednesday, February 6, 2013


How does getting a stash of almost free stuff make my to-do list longer? Does this happen to you? 

This past weekend was the annual local Craft Swap. A day I look forward to for months in advance.

 I stayed on track this year and came home with less than I brought, which is a good thing. 3 bags swapped in, 1 bag + 1 box swapped out.

Let's take a look at my loot:

Embroidery floss. This stash has already been put to work on the new infant hats I'm working on for The Cloth Diaper Project.

Early on I found this. It's Amazing! 12 quilt pieces ready to be made into an actual quilt.

 Ohhhhh, how this makes me so happy. I can't wait to pick a backing fabric and get started. Hmmmmm, where to fit this guy in the list, he's gonna take some time.

I grabbed these fabric pieces too. The purple-ish one on the far left is feeling like a great summer dress to me.

2 tiny scraps of this fabric made my day...really. I already have a piece of this awaiting a project but it isn't enough, this small amount is just perfect.

Speaking of my many projects, here is the box I came home with tucked under my arm and yet another task added to the list.

I pounced when I saw it though. I love an old wood box.

Luckily the box didn't smell, but it was pretty dirty on the inside with harden clumps of shoe polish, not unexpected from a shoe-shine box.

After I cleaned it out and removed the lid I pondered ways to clean up the bottom. None of them seemed quick or easy and I honestly didn't want this project to sit around for a year.

So I did what I always do and headed to my fabric stash.

Aha! Easy Peasy! And done in under an hour. 

Time to load it up with some homeless supplies and sewing machine manuals.

Oh, that Jute! I ran out right before xmas and then some magically appeared in my stocking. Proof that my husband really does listen...sometimes.

So another Craft Swap has passed with great swapping success. 
And I may have only added 5 projects to the list...sure. 

But hey, I've completed one already. Yay me!

What about you? What projects are you whipping up with some swapped or free goodies?

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