Tuesday, February 19, 2013

reclaimed cabinet upgrade

As I sit to write this post I realize it involves some back story, I'll try to be brief. 

Our kitchen cabinets are original to this 1985 house. Back when it was really fancy to have a oven/microwave combo installed IN your cabinets. Thankfully, someone before us replaced the oven.

 However, we were left with a gaping hole above it in our cupboards, apparently meant for a microwave but that seemed ridiculous to us. I'm barely 5'3", I don't think retrieving hot soup from over my head is an awesome idea. We have been filling the unsightly space with cookbooks, and um, open bottles of wine.

Dana actually got the jump on me with this project and removed the pieced-together-wood-framing part of the cupboard before I could show you it's nastiness. So this is a before-ish picture.

Here is a pic from Thanksgiving, if you look above Desmond's head you can see the extra wood pieces outlined by WOOD GLUE. 
Pay no attention to my mother, she may kill me for appearing here...I love you mom, you are lovely.

Totally usable, but not super classy. 

Then, during our bar demolition, I had a spectacular idea.

Would any of these cupboard doors fit our hole above the oven?
 A quick measure and, oh happy day, these middle guys would work perfectly...

...IF I could remove all of the serious ick on them. Good thing we never actually used these cabinets.

Nothing my friends Mr. Clean and D.White Vinegar couldn't handle. I swear they are our nicest looking cabinet doors now, and if you were wondering, they smell good too. 

Now let's get back to the upgrade!

Dana took the vertical center beam from the bar as well and fit it right into the cabinet. Since it was a cabinet of sorts once in it's life it was already notched out at the top center. That microwave outlet was sure handy when it came time to drill too.

And while I distracted Desmond in another room, the cabinet doors went on and it was like a whole new kitchen. Well, as new as it's getting for a while.

You know I love a free upgrade. It may have taken Dana away from working on the nook for a day but I think we both agree it was worth it. 

Let's have another look at our before-ish picture.

And After.

I guess when you aim to fail spectacularly you reap little victories along the way. YAY!!!

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