Monday, February 11, 2013

nook update

We are now a little over a month into our New Year's Home Project Resolutions, let's see how that's going, shall we?

This is where we left off after a little help from our holiday guests (family) removing the bar. You can check out that endeavor here if you missed it.

We're on our own for the rest of the nook demo, most of which is happening one small task at a time in the evenings.

Goodbye totally dysfunctional wine rack.

How can something that looks so rickety be so well anchored to the wall? With GIANT screws!!! 
Yes, some drywall was damaged in the process.

Dana tackled the top, it was time for me to tear out the bottom.

Which I found the energy to do at 9pm on a weeknight. It was dark and cold and Dana was not going to the shed to get me the crowbar. The sink and countertop came out easy, they were barely attached, but this small strip of molding gave me trouble.

Apparently, I didn't really need the stinking crowbar. I may look small, but watch out.

Note the plastic toolbox, Desmond was "helping."

And our wood floor miracle continues...yay!!!
Granted it doesn't exactly reach the wall but it's a much easier, and cheaper, fix than putting in a whole chunk of floor.

Now we are getting somewhere!
Just some plumbing, and drywall, and electrical...

Clearly Dana needs one more person to point out the drywall issues.
At least this little guy is cute.

So this is where we are. Cross your fingers, the plumbing is already seeming to be easier than it appears here. 
The drywall? Let's just say that Dana will be an expert by the time this project is done.

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