Friday, February 1, 2013

anthropological dig

I have a special talent. 
I can spot an Anthropologie garment in a crowded thrift store at 100 feet.
This talent does not equal a closet full of anthro on the cheap. Just because I can find it doesn't mean it fits and sometimes it's just plain unwearable.

But oh lucky day!!! The thrifting gods were good to me this week, I scored this one for just 2 bucks!

The funky pattern caught my eye and I knew I had a winner.
Double bonus for it being stain-free AND marked half off.

She just needed a little tweaking.

Other than one bust dart coming unstictched it was in perfect condition but... 

...I just wasn't crazy about the collar. I'm more of a collar-less type of girl.
Hmmm, such an easy fix, how could I say no to a little alteration.

And done. This was so simple it didn't warrant any step-by-step photos.
A little seam ripping, more seam ripping, then reassembling.

I could have just removed the collar and been done but I am smitten with that robin's egg blue piping  and had to salvage it too.

Oh, and I'm so glad I did! Hurry up Spring so I can show off my new love.

So let's recap shall we: thrifted Anthropologie top for $2, loosey goosey dart sewn up in 2 seconds, collar removed and piping refitted to new collar all during, dun da da daaaah, nap time. 

Ah yes, this is what my thrifty refashion dreams ARE made of.

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