Friday, January 11, 2013

raising the bar

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but our house HAS A BAR IN IT. 

From the moment we toured the house it was on the list to be removed and the nook transformed into something we could actually use. Between the bar, and the multiple whirlpool tubs, I'm not sure if our house was built by a bachelor or swingers.

For us, it has mostly been a surface that collects junk and objects we want to keep away from Desmond.    We were pretty sure there was no floor underneath, i.e., expensive fix, but as we are entering into our 3rd year here it was time for the party to end.

With my family in town for the holidays we had extra brute strength in the house, despite Dana being sick (the first of us to fall), I took the reigns and we got this job done.

Our house also has some mysterious stained glass pieces. The bar top happens to be the most attractive of it, so my dad and I very carefully salvaged it all for the future when I can figure out what I'm going to do with it. Hmmmm, we call that the never list, but I like to be optimistic.

After a lot of piece-by-piece demo to salvage what we wanted and also not damage our house, we were able to slide the bar away from the wall. That's right, I said SLIDE. As in...

There was floor underneath!!!
Holy House Miracle!!! I never thought I would get to experience a moment when something went right around here (house-wise that it.) Even the difference in floor tone couldn't get me down, it will even out in time. We had just saved A LOT of money. Wow, had we known we would have started this project two years ago.

Alas, with the sweet comes the sour. We also discovered some serious jacked up drywall and outlet that someone in the 80's had decided to put IN the bar. However this is a much easier, and less expensive, fix than new flooring and it wasn't going to get us down.

Oh, that's my big brother, hanging around to make fun of me while he waited for his biceps to be of service. 

Yep, I realize I'm the only one working here.

So there she is. Stripped of her reuseable parts and waiting to be hauled outside and demoed some my anxiously awaiting brother.

Yes, the neighbors were watching from their windows. Now they won't have to ask "Is that bar still in your house?"

Yay!!! Finally out of our house.

Due to the frigid rain that was falling, the men folk carted it off to the covered carport for her final demolition. They needed to make her "car sized" so we could take her to the dump.

My brother helped me haul two trips of bar debris and miscellany to the county dump. It was just like when we were kids riding along with my dad. Only this time no one would yell at us for cutting up or laughing too much, because apparently that sort of thing isn't allowed in front of the garbage.

It was the best time we've had together in years

And then I got to come home to this. 
My mother had swept up the remaining mess and I only had to find homes for our various clutter.

For now, half of the bar is gone, the big part that was invading our living room. YAY!!!
I'm hopeful that the floor continues underneath the rest of it too but I won't place any bets just yet. You all will be the first to know.

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