Friday, January 25, 2013

baby, it's cold outside

This week began, and is ending, with a big fat FAIL. Getting this post done with be the crowning achievement of my week. We are all sick. The little guy is the worst off and yet still seems to have the energy of ten men, I wish I could say the same. 

That being said, NOTHING is getting done this week. The studio is silent and our home projects lay in limbo.

 So, I guess it's a good week for it to freeze and snow, and snow some more. We are stuck in the house anyway. 

And it is so lovely to look at....

...and play in.

Desmond is drawn to our fire pit on any normal day, but clearing the snow from it brought extra joy.

I am more focused on cooking us some warm and delicious meals. Did you hear the record scratch?
That's right, I'm cooking!

I am one of those lucky ladies who has a husband who cooks. In fact he cooks every meal, mostly because he's just better at it. Every now and then I find a recipe that I excel at and in the last couple of months there have been two, hooray.

The first is a four ingredient chicken chili. I got the recipe from the Land of Nod blog here.
It's super easy and uses leftover chicken, oh, and it's delicious. I whip up some corn bread for a side, because I do bake, and it's a meal that makes me smile.

My other new favorite is a turkey soup. We have lots of turkey leftover from Thanksgiving and I find that it tastes a little dry after freezing. This is a fantastic way to bring it back to life, um... you know what I mean. 

I found the original recipe at Real Simple, here, and it's pretty forgiving if you want to add any other leftovers from your fridge or favorite herbs. I'm thinking about cooking up some tonight.

I love both recipes so much that I have even started freezing the chicken stock I make in the appropriate measurements for each.

So, to sum up : we're all sick, it's cold and snowy outside, mama's going to cook something warm and delicious. Yep, that sounds good. What are you all doing to keep warm and healthy?

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