Thursday, January 3, 2013

a bustling season

I can't believe how fast the last couple of weeks have gone by and I have neglected to keep you all posted. The bustle of the season swept me away and it sure was bustling around here.

All of the making was sewn up just in time, like 2 days before christmas, and then it was on to the wrapping and arriving and eating and more arrivals and more eating and teething and colds all around and still some sniffles and departures and things are just starting to settle back into routine with this, my first post in weeks.

We had a wonderful christmas with a very happy baby who enjoyed what babies enjoy most, boxes and paper and dancing to his new records on the bibs mama made for him. It was also our first christmas in this house and december 30th marked our 2 year anniversary here.

Speaking of the house, we managed to sneak in a couple of quick house projects too with my folks here to help with the little guy. We even made a lucky house-discovery ...a true christmas miracle if I ever saw one.

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