Tuesday, December 11, 2012

merry making

There is so much to make during the holidays and so little time for it. But I must remind myself that the gifts will all get sewn up, they do every year. 

With a new nephew on the way, this season brings lots of making for him and his mama. Bibs and wipes (and all sorts of things I don't want to give away here) are in the works. My little guy is getting some new bibs too and a special pair of pants made from Mama's old snuggly sweatshirt.

There is still that tree skirt I want to whip up, if I can decide on which wool plaid to use, and more felt roses like the ones I made here are cut and ready to roll, literally. 

It's funny, if I focus on all I have to make I don't get stressed about all I have to buy, and wrap, and hide. After all, these are the special gifts and I don't mind spending all of my free nap times on them at all.

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