Friday, December 7, 2012

a holiday yarn wreath

This project has been on my list for at least 2 years and I am so happy to finally see it hanging on our front door. It was (almost) free and easy too! Here is how it all went down.

I initially got in gear with a little help from my MIL who gave me this yarn. She got it on clearance in a big bag of yarn with other colors she needed for Halloween projects. Hello inspiration.

I picked up a foam wreath with a half off coupon, it costs me about 3 bucks. That is where the spendy train ends, everything else I had on hand.

Let the wreath wrapping begin.

I used this tutorial by Danielle at Take Heart. She uses a straw wreath but I had my reasons for choosing foam, I'll get to those in a minute.

Although time consuming, wrapping this guy once wasn't enough. I wanted him to look bulky and warm, so I went around again.

Then it was on to the felt flowers. These were easier than I expected. Can you believe they start out looking like this?

I had intended to use all cream flowers but I quickly ran out of cream felt and had to switch to a festive red. These happy accidents are the spice of life when you are a reclaimist.

I liked making the flowers so much that I made one into an ornament for my neighborhood ornament exchange. Now I'm thinking of making more to use on holiday packages.

This project called for a lot of hot glue which I wasn't super comfortable with. The space between the storm door and the front door gets really warm, even in winter. I didn't want to see all of my handy work dangling from strings of hot glue. So I used it sparingly and then moved onto long straight pins.

The pins worked great. Not only were they way less messy but they also allowed me to play with the placement of the flowers before committing to a location. Hooray for the foam wreath.

Once I decided on a spot I just had to push the head of the pin all the way into the flower so that it wouldn't be seen.

I did the same thing for the leaves. I just used a yellow head quilting pin so it would blend better.
Recognize that green felt? It's scraps from Desmond's Godzilla costume.

I had these glittery pinecones too. I bought them at an after christmas sale YEARS ago and used them on xmas packages but loved ones kept giving them back to me. So, I hung them on the tree and they made pretty ornaments until I clearly needed them for my wreath.

 I attached them all with hair pins that I had in my bathroom stash of girlie stuff. Because what else am I doing with hair pins?

I am so pleased with how secure everything is...and beautiful. I can't believe I had all this stuff.

YAY!!!!! For finally tackling this easy wreath project!
 It makes me smile every time I walk through the door.

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