Wednesday, November 7, 2012

fall, fall, and more fall

 There is lots of Fall happening in these parts. Even with the Halloween decorations and costumes packed away, Fall marches on. Thanksgiving has been moved to our house this year keeping the Christmas spirit at bay for just a little longer, thank goodness.

Everyone is out of the house in that last embrace of tolerable weather after the heat of summer and the freeze of winter.  There is a scramble to get things done around here, pick the last of our cherry tomatoes and winterize the garden, bake muffins from fresh picked, Carter Mountain apples, and trying my hand at some pumpkin bread, which was a delicious success by the way. I can't believe I had never baked bread before.

Although I miss my hometown the most in the Fall I need to reflect on some good local folks here. Folks that delivered 12 bales of straw for free because we don't have a truck and asked nothing in return.   I know some of you think you have the best local produce stand out there, but I know our neighborhood has the best. So, thank you once again Berry's, you continue to make our spring, summer, and fall every year.

How about you, anyone else out there in love with the folks who stand outside in all kinds of weather to bring us fresh produce? 

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