Thursday, October 25, 2012

haunted pajamas

 Two days ago this window was not done. I was starting to think that Halloween would come and go and little more than a mum would adorn our house. Then my mother came to town. Ah yes, the beauty of a grandma to play with the little guy while mama wraps up some holiday crafts.

Up until this year I've had some pretty sparse Halloween decor. The only thing in this picture I owned were the skull lights that I got last year after Halloween. I was starting with a pretty blank canvas...and no real solid ideas for said canvas.

Then, last week, I was rummaging in my pajama drawer and unearthed these:

I hadn't worn them in nearly 2 years (mid pregnancy) and honestly thought they were long gone. You see, they were about 10 years old and had seen better days, ie: dry-rotted elastic and fraying waistband. 
How well timed, I thought, and brought them down stairs to the studio to be made into Halloween bunting.

I actually just bought this green glass hand at a Goodwill in Austin, Tx for $2. I hadn't had a chance to figure out what I was going to do with it when Halloween came calling. Some of our spookiest looking books give it a nice perch to sit on.

I grabbed a couple of ball jars and some fallen sticks from our porch to add some natural elements.

The candelabras were a Halloween gift from my mother. We found them at Michael's on sale for 3 bucks each. The best part is they are a total fake-out, they are two separate pieces of wood that come apart and store flat.

Although you will never be able to see it from the road we have enjoyed it everyday...maybe I'll get to enjoy my pajamas pants for another ten years too.

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