Tuesday, October 9, 2012

before we left

There was much to be done before we headed out on our 2 week road trip to Texas.
I added one special task to that list and on a quiet Saturday morning I pulled myself out of sleepy Desmond's grip and stole a couple of early morning hours in the studio. I wanted to see this project completed before the car was packed too full for a small family. 

For Desmond's birthday my mother made him two tote bags in the same fabric, one is a basic tote and the other more of a book bag. She even added these special Grandma labels, I guess so he could tell them apart from all of the mama sewing.

She noted a place or two that needed a little help on the book bag, she is new to sewing after all, and I happily agreed to make the adjustments. While I did this a problem occurred to me: we would have 2 bags that belonged to Desmond on our trip that looked alike. I could hear the spousal communication breakdown in my head already.

So, armed with my tea and minimal embroidery skills, I sat down to make a patch for the book bag. This was going to be a pretty rustic project. I grabbed a scrap of linen from the pile and wrote BOOKS in pencil on it. I truly had no grand plans here.

I picked 3 thread colors that matched the pattern and did a simple back stitch over the hand-drawn letters.
That seemed a little too simple for me though and I hauled out one of two embroidery books that I actually own.

Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching supplied me with just the added touch I needed, we were heading to Austin after all. A quick hot iron on these stars and I was stitching over them.

Some quick fold and press action and I was off to sew my little embroidery piece in place.

So cute!!! And it did the trick, there was no question about which bag I was referring to for the whole 2 weeks. 

Oh happy trip!!! I have so much to share about our travels in upcoming posts. Keep on the look out!

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