Thursday, September 6, 2012

thrift score thursday

...ummmmm, and Friday.

Such fruitful days!
 But today our tale is about The Bookshelf for Boys & Girls.

When I enter a thrift store I always check out the kid's stuff first. The selection is hit or miss and it's usually a quick looky-loo and then we are on with the hunt. That is where this bright and cheery, incomplete, set of children's books caught my eye.

Heroes and Heroines

They were beautiful. Fabulous illustrations with both creative and historical content. I felt like I was a kid again discovering some ancient texts. Desmond is years away from enjoying these on his own so I will just have to read aloud to him for a while.

We have already read about the Vikings, Lafayette, and Daniel Boone.
Note: this serious is a little heavy on the Heroes side.

Nature and the Universe

The Story of Art and Music

Things to Make and Do

So I bought books 5-9. Did I mention it was an incomplete set?
Some quick interweb research let me know that book 10, Infant and Childcare, was intended for the parents. I'm not so worried about tracking that one down.

I also left book 4 an idiot. There was something about that odd number that was appealing and I wasn't getting the whole set anyway. Little did I know that book 4 would be nearly keeping me awake that night.

 So Friday, I did the unthinkable, and headed back to the thrift store in hopes of grabbing Book 4. Fortunately lonely Book 4 was waiting for us and I was able to reunite him with his friends.

I also checked ALL of the books for our missing 1-3 but, alas, no luck. They really could be anywhere. I'm not a purist about gifts from the thrift gods but I will probably keep an eye out for them in the future.

Heading back on Friday also produce more than Book 4. I scored an awesome dress for our upcoming family vacation!!!

 Hmmm, I may not report on it until I have pictures on location but it's a really good one. Hey, I don't lay out $6.99 on just any old dress.

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