Tuesday, September 11, 2012

lucky cabinet 13

The time had come. The time was now. I could not put off this little bit of baby-proofing any longer.

Not only was I tired of dodging pots and pans, Desmond is a thrower, but we had two cabinets that held electrical wires. Sure they were in a "safe" casing : a shiny metal, attractive-to-baby casing. Once Desmond figured out he could crawl into the cupboard to get closer to the shiny thing the need to baby-proof became urgent. 

Did I mention I was also sick of keeping track of which items were clean and what needed washing out of  everything that was pulled out, chewed on, and dragged across our floors.

So this past Saturday became the day. Dana offered to take Desmond while I baby-proofed. 
Note: He did not offer to baby-proof.

It looked so simple. People do this all the time. I wonder if any of them swore at their cabinets too.

Each latch system had a total of 4 screws that should drill right into a cabinet with ease. Apparently not if your cabinets are from the 80's and solid wood. I now feel confident that if our whole house crumbles to the ground these cabinets will still be standing.

The solid nature of the cabinets brought about some feelings of inadequacy along the way (I'm not strong enough to do this) followed by focused determination (you will not beat me, cabinets.) Then, four hours later, no joke, I was smugly looking at 12 latched cupboards.

Dana says my enthusiasm for the newly latched cabinets is a little twisted. I think he's just bitter because he keeps forgetting they are there and finds himself in the same boat as Desmond.

I am not, however, the Grinch that stole all of the cabinet fun. These latches came in a package of 12 and we had 13 cabinets that needed locking...for now. So lucky Cabinet 13 became Desmond's Cabinet.
It's also the only cabinet without wires and isn't located underneath a sink, stove top, or oven.

I stocked it will all sorts of kitcheny things I had in the house and a couple of toys. And we'll just rotate miscellaneous stuff in and out so Desmond doesn't get bored with it. Or he'll do it for us, I found his rake in there earlier today and his sorting school bus parked outside.

This is decidedly Desmond's new favorite hangout in the mornings. He plays in the cupboard, we listen to some Children's Indie on Pandora, and I get 2 minutes to make some tea and clean up after breakfast, ahhhhhhhh.

Who knows, once I get around to making his play kitchen this cabinet could morph into any number of play spaces, like a book nook. Books are a lot less nasty to step on when your cooking dinner.

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