Friday, September 14, 2012

gettin' jazzy

 I have to start this post by mentioning how terrible the light is in our dark kitchen and apologize in advance for the kinda horrible pictures. Thank you for understanding, now on with the show.

I thought we were in need of a house project post, it's been a while. So, this is a picture of the dining area in our kitchen, pretty normal.

There has been some progress since we moved in to bring it to that normal, see below...yuck. 

And just for fun, here is what the cooking portion looked like. I took these pictures before we moved in when we were still cleaning and repairing plumbing. I was also working through my morning sickness...double yuck.

Back to our progress picture. Fresh paint makes a huge difference. Oh, and that's our "new" table that I mentioned in this post. It is actually my childhood family table and despite it's fantastic condition my folks were eager to get it out of their house and drove it down here for us. Complete with leaves, I will finally be able to host a proper Thanksgiving.

Please excuse the chair disarray, Desmond likes to push them all around the house.

Sorry to have gotten off track, this post is actually about KITCHEN ART.

I picked this print up at Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh last spring for Dana since he cooks a delicious family breakfast every Sunday morning. If you can't make out the lettering, it reads:

The cast iron utensils were his grandparents'. They had been hiding in the attic at our old house and were rediscovered when we moved.

After an unsuccessful search for good thrift store art for the guestroom, more about that here, I pounced when I saw this jazzy little number at Goodwill.

When I saw it I immediately thought "Kitchen!" and quickly steered Desmond over to it. Probably not the first thing you were thinking but that orange stripe spoke to me. Also the text reads New Orleans Jazz, and we'll be heading back to New Orleans this fall on our way to Texas.

It seemed pretty perfect, but I knew from experience that this little ditty could cost more than I wanted to spend.    10 buckaroos was my limit.

Well, when I saw $3.25 on the little tag I tucked that picture under my arm and hauled it directly to the register. The joint was hoppin' and I wasn't letting anyone get in on my action.

I think Dana thought I was a little nutty when he first saw it, per usual. But he quickly came around to my thinking that it made a great little orange and black montage. After it was hung we realized had to do a little tweaking with our other kitchen poster art and move them closer together.

To save you from having to scroll all the way back to the top, here is the before again.

And the after.

Such a great three dollar find, I love looking at it! So worth getting the intro to Jazzy Vegetarian stuck in my head too. Oh, I know I'm not the only geek who has seen that show on PBS, yeah, it is weird.

Again, the pictures really don't do it justice, guess you'll have to plan a visit.

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