Thursday, August 2, 2012

veggie lessons

It is becoming a routine for us (Desmond and myself) to meet Papa out in the garden when he returns from work. Where we always find a scene like this, Dana in shirt and tie wrangling plants, repairing fence, and picking whatever has matured in the past 24 hours.

A small spot to the right of the stove top, and sometimes on the stove itself, has been designated for the nightly harvest. Some to be eaten right away and others to be canned in a night or two while Mama and baby sleep.

This is where our new veggies lessons are taking place. 

Desmond is eager to know the names of everything and he loves to play the pointing game to hear Mama repeat the names of vegetables over and over again. He has a special love of the way I say zucchini squash and cucumber.

This morning, however, he was really digging the cherry tomatoes and a pepper. So after a few rounds of "point and name" I balanced baby on hip, pried bitty fingers off my lens, and snapped a few slightly unfocused pictures. 

Because firsts steps will be a really big deal, but I love this, right now.

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