Thursday, August 9, 2012

really simple

We have our first big family vacation coming up this fall and it is a serious road trip...all the way to Texas.
As each day brings us closer to our departure date I am already planning the packing in my head.

This includes all of the making that will need to take place beforehand. There is nothing like a trip to speed up my progress on a garment, or gifty for Desmond, in the works.

I saw these lush, silk wrapped bracelets in the latest Real Simple and they begged me to bring them along on our deep south adventure. Let the making begin!

Many of you know that I am no strangers to wrapped bangles. Wrapped in wool, wrapped in cotton, I love a wrapped bangle, so this project wasn't new territory. I even had some bangles lying around.

These were hand-me-downs from my Mom. I've worn them for years and their shape made them great candidates for a silk-wrapped update. 

Did I mention I happened to have some hand - dyed silk ribbon in the studio? Inconceivable, I know. I actually won these (I NEVER win anything) in a drawing from the Richmond Craft Mafia a couple of years ago. I'd been saving them for something glamorous and it was worth the wait.

They are hand - dyed by Crystal J. Silk and they are beautiful. You can get your own here.

I can't stress enough how gorgeous they are!

Now, on to the making...

I tacked my starting point with a tiny dab of hot glue just to anchor the ribbon and started wrapping around and around and around...

...until they looked like this. It is tedious but so simple.
The end got a little tricky when I dabbed another tiny dot of hot glue to secure the wrapping. Although this was on the inside of the bangle it seemed a little sloppy to me.

Enter matching embroidery floss.
Some more wrapping, a little knot tied on the inside, and done. I'm open to suggestions if you have a neater solution, but this works in a pinch and totally goes unnoticed when wearing it.

One for me and one for my Mama.

Whew, that was fast, I feel like I was speed crafting. Let's talk budget. 

Cost Breakdown (For reference, the magazine bracelets are listed at $46) :

Plastic Bangle - Seriously find one in your jewelry box or a friends or buy one for a buck at your local thrift shop.
As I mentioned before mine were free.

Hand - Dyed Silk Ribbon - $ 7.50 for 5 yards. You will get about two bracelets out of that with a little leftover. 

Total: There are a lot of factors here, let's say around $7.50 (mine = $0.00)

Revisiting this project makes me want to whip up some more. Don't you think they would look great in a grouping of 2 or 3, or maybe more. Hmmmmmmmm. 

For now I need to wrap up the rest of my sewing projects and I'll be ready to hit the road. 
Sometimes I find myself to be hilarious.

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