Friday, August 3, 2012

pssst...what's with the new guy?

...asked the bear. 
"Looks like the strong silent type to me." replied the seal.

Meet Sal. Or Salvatore if you are formal. Desmond's newest plushie and fellow Strong Man.
Sounds like a tough guy name, right, and it definitely goes with the ridiculously large mustache.

Sal has been on my mind for months. Until recently he was just a pile of fabric swatches, but with the big first birthday a week away I had to leap into action. That meant making a pattern.

I started with a pattern from One Yard Wonders for the blue "Peg Bear" I had made up top, that's what they called him, we call him Yogi (because I made him a backpack for pic-a-nics.) In case you wondered.
 It was a good form to jump off from. 

I elongated the legs, enlarged the arms and reshaped the head, then I grabbed the mustache pattern I use for my baby hats and Sal was starting to come together. After adding hair, boots, arms, clothing and chest hair I ended up with a total of 11 pattern pieces, some with (cut 2) and (cut 4) status, whoa.

I used this tan linen for the body base and flesh color. Then I started to root through my fabric stash:
 Hair (head and chest) - old dress scraps
 Mustache and back of head - outdated corduroy skirt
 Garment - stripey flannel seemed manly
and Boots - a black textured skirt.

But what about Tattoos??? 
I found inspiration from Mimi Kirchner's assortment of tattooed men. She uses toile fabric to act as tattoos, her work is amazing.

After an hour of hunting at the fabric store I stumbled upon this Alexander Henry print and I thought, hmmmmm, that is hideous but could make some bad a** tattoos. An eighth of a yard came home with me...

...and it looks AWESOME!!!

Front and back layout. That's right, full sleeves on those tattoos.

And a little note about the barbell, it didn't come out looking so great so I scrapped it.

All stitched and ready to be stuffed.
But wait, did Sal's chest hair just grow? Why yes it did.
Strong Men don't man-scape.

Sal got stuffed with one hundred percent bamboo batting that I cut into 1 inch and smaller pieces.
Believe it or not, this pile wasn't enough to fill him up and I had to cut more. Somebody eats his spinach.

Oh, and just for a back view and some chunky blocks for height scale. This guy is a tall drink of water.

So there he is, out of the studio and making new friends until I wrap him up for the big day.

I love Sal so much you would think I made him for my birthday, but let's be honest, didn't I?

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