Thursday, July 12, 2012

thrift score thursday

In an attempt to get back to my old thrifting self, I am creating this reoccurring post to display some of my great thrift store finds and show off what I do with them. Since I will always be shopping with baby I am setting a goal of one post per month, that sounds reasonable.

The Hunt:  Rectangular Tablecloth. We are receiving a hand-me-down dining table from my folks that, despite being older than me, is in great shape. It is large with leaves to fit 8 or more people. I only own vintage tablecloths (my grandmother's) that fit a card table or small round table, which is what we currently use.

The Score:  Twin size Ikea duvet cover, 100% cotton. BRAND NEW!!! That's right, never used.
My eye went straight to it on the rack.
 I love the versatility of the organic orange shapes; great for Autumn, parties, or all summer long. The best part, no stains to remove and minimal sewing to close up the duvet hole.

That's right, 5 bucks! 
You can't buy a rectangular tablecloth at Target for that. Did I mention that the duvet was new? 
But wait, that tag says 2 piece...

Bonus:   ...It did come with a sham that had been used and washed and used and washed some more. You can see the color difference. Still stain free but the faded orange was looking more burnt than bold, on the bright side it looked kind of vintage to me and I can see a future for it in our house.

Hmmmmmm, maybe the b-side to some throw pillows?

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