Thursday, July 5, 2012


Pardon my absence, we were part of the hundreds of thousands without power for a time. Pardon the lack of photo journalism, when you are taking shelter from tornadoes and rationing your bottled water usage you aren't thinking about your blog you are thinking about your baby.

After all of the organizing and decorating, prepping and primping, we lost power while our house guests were here....from Maine...and it was 101 degrees. 

Here is a snapshot of our weekend of chaos. 

Thursday AM : Tucker is playing in the yard and pulls a muscle. Dana takes him to the vet and he has since  made a full recovery.

Thursday - Friday : Family arrives and everything is looking up. That includes the heat which is keeping us all inside and cancelling some of our site seeing. This is hot even for southerners.

Late Friday Night : Dana and I hear the severe thunderstorm warning while at his folks. We fly out of the house and run all the way home with me pushing Desmond in the stroller (good thing it's a jogger) and Dana still holding his beer. Dana says, "This has to be one of the funniest things we've ever done together."
We make it inside just in time.

Saturday : My in-laws lose power. They live in our neighborhood but we are miraculously electrified.
Fortunately they have a generator, no air conditoning but the water is running (we are on wells.) 

My brother-in-law and his wife move to Canada. The UHaul in our driveway causes neighborhood gossip.

Saturday Evening : Dinner is moved to our house. Everyone staying with us pitches in to help convert our table for 4 to a table for 14.  Another storm is on the way and I suggest we get dinner in the oven sooner rather than later. 

Just as dinner is about ready the smart phones in the room go crazy with a tornado warning. We lose power. Everyone takes cover and I strap Desmond to me. Thankfully is was an EF0 but it struck very close to us.

Our house has no generator. Everyone heads back to my in-laws to have a working toilet and running water. They will all sleep there on cots and air mattresses and couches. 

Sunday : Half of our guests head back north to slightly cooler temperatures and electricity. Desmond falls on  his head, we take him to the emergency room. (In and out in a half an hour, luckily he's fine.)

Sunday Night : With half of the guests back home Dana and I decide to sleep at my in-laws where there are at least fans and water. I was also saved from having to buy disposable diapers by my father-in-law who deemed it a good use of our precious generator energy to wash diapers.

Monday Morning : Waking up with little Desmond to the sound of silence outside our window, no generators buzzing, we have POWER!!! 

Our guest dog cooled down fast.

Monday - Tuesday : All of our guests have safely returned home after a calamitous visit. I can't believe those resilient Mainers have actually promised to come back again.

Despite a trip to a museum and nature center my nephew is most excited about the cable, ie cartoons, being restored. 

Wednesday : I am knee deep in tablecloths, towels, and bedding. I refuse to run the dryer in this heat for more than a fluff and have linens hanging all over the place.

But it is the 4th of July, after all, and we escape the cleaning that remains and exhale a sigh of relief that our wacky weekend is over as we enjoy some fireworks.

Hope everyone out there didn't have to wait to long for the air to come back on.

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  1. Oh my goodness Krista!!! Glad u guys survived all of that craziness. We only lost power for 12 hours, but i was having flashbacks to last year when it was out for four days and Grayson was only a few days old. I think that was easier least he didn't know what was going on :). Desmond is so cute and getting so big...hope to see u guys again soon! ~ jessica