Tuesday, July 17, 2012

inventive birthday invites

 With less than a month to go before a certain 1st birthday party the diy-ing is in full swing.

First our theme;  Strong Man Birthday!
 Fitting since this kid is a toughie and I have called him Mama's Little Strong Man since day one.  

Although the popularity of strong men is on the rise I don't expect to see barbell party favors at Target this year, but no one around here wants a store-bought party anyway...at least not yet. 

A quick google search revealed a vintage strong man image on etsy for $1, and I could use it for all sorts of party decor. Sweet! I hit the purchase button and was ready to start on the invitations.

I popped the image into Photoshop and added some text and party details. I now had a quick and easy party invite ready to print.

Since this is going to be a small family gathering I only needed 5 sheets of paper for my invites. After some printing trial and error I headed for my trusty journal of recycled color paper that I bought 8-ish years ago, it has come in handy for all sorts of projects.

The texture of the paper really adds to the old-time carnival feel, here's a close up:

An awesome invite like this couldn't go into a plain envelope, time to whip something up.

Enter these popcorn bags and thank you cards that I stumbled upon in a $1 bin at Michael's while buying canvas for this guest room project. Boy am I glad I swooped them up. These paper bags can be converted into envelopes.

Time to flatten!

A quick cut to remove the gluey bottom and make a shorter envelope.

Off to the sewing machine!

Sewing paper? YES!!!! You should try it.
I stitched to close the bottom of the envelope and also up the sides to keep the bag pressed flat.

I didn't want to seal it closed though. I wanted the envelope to still look like a bag when it was opened. After a quick look around the studio I found this ball of natural string that would work perfectly.
They look so pretty!

I thought I was done until I found a pack of red raffle tickets the next day at the dollar store (this was not a usual pit stop and the flukey nature of this find makes it all the better.) They came 250 in a pack, and I only needed 10, but I will be able to use them for decoration on the big day too.

Since they looked so darn cute when I was done, and to ensure no tickets were lost, I put them each in a 
6" X 9" manila envelope to mail. Which, by the way, still counts as a letter and only needs a 45 cent stamp, bonus.

Not including postage, here is the expense breakdown:

Strong Man image, $1
6 Carnival popcorn bags,  $1
Red raffle tickets, $1
Journal paper, string and manila envelopes I had in the studio.

And if you include the thank you notes:
6 Carnival thank you notes, $1

That's right, the grand total for this project was 4 smackers for party invitations and thank you notes. Unheard of! Sometimes I even surprise myself.

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