Tuesday, July 24, 2012

buy what you love

Let me start by saying that I am not super antique savvy, nor do I have any desire to be. I do love watching Antiques Road Show and Market Warriors and I take the advice offered there, buy what you love
And that is exactly what I did this past weekend at my neighborhood antique store.

With my best girlfriend in town, and two husbands willing to baby chase for a couple of hours, we headed out in her truck. Let me show you what we found while I throw around some antiquey terms I learned from PBS.

This particular shop offers antiques, reproductions and contemporary thrifty items. These soap dishes seemed great for anything but soap, business card holder, floral frog, etc. Hmmmmm, that gives me an idea, I  may need to go back for one of these.

This guy greeted us on the way in. I don't know his provenance but I didn't love him 85 dollars worth. 
Pretty cool though.

The crowded store didn't always allow for the most optimal photos, but believe me, this drink bucket was huge and a steal at $12. It had a replacement lid but this round wood box had an igloo liner in fantastic shape. Great for outdoor entertaining with a rustic or mid-century modern feel.

Jessica and I both loved this rug and we were almost going to fight over it (not really) before she remembered she doesn't like orange and I remembered all of the other home projects that needed my attention, and wallet, first.

This is a great example of something I would have bought if I wasn't married. I was smitten with this footstool. No joke, I even loved the fabric. It was only $28 bucks (look at those legs) but I could hear Dana groaning in my head, he would have hated it. That's love for you.

So what did I buy? Something for little Desmond of course.
High up on a shelf sat this rocking horse. Handmade horses don't come cheap and I expected him to be out of budget, but for only 24 beans he got to ride home with us. 

This goes back to buy what you love. Although he is handmade and solid, his head had been replaced at some point over time causing him to lose any real vintage value. This fact actually makes it a lot easier for me to take the leap and paint him a nice bright color.

I can't wait to get started, Desmond is going to love it.
I promise a full report when I'm done.

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