Friday, June 22, 2012

mama's garden

READ THIS FIRST! Seriously! This post contains pictures of my actual placenta, if that grosses you out or you faint at the sight of blood, you should probably stop reading. If you are even the least bit curious I encourage you to see how normal this process was.

I remember vividly the moment my midwife asked if I wanted to keep the placenta. Up until then I wasn't sure. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I couldn't let it be thrown away. "YES!" I cried.
This lead to the coconut water and soy milk coming out of our pink travel cooler and the placenta going in, good thing those midwives let you bring your own snacks.

When I received my forsythia on Mother's Day I knew this was the plant I was destined to bury my placenta under. I had been waiting ten months for the right tree to come along.
Check out our prep work for mama's garden here.

Are you wondering what one does with a placenta for ten months? You freeze it, of course. 
In the sleepy haze of new parenthood neither Dana or I bothered to take it out of the biohazard bag it came in and so there it remained, packed in next to the pumpkin bread.

Once it had thawed on the counter, just like chicken, Desmond and I headed outside to meet Dana.

When I cut open the bag there was blood, but surprisingly little. Just like the birth itself, it wasn't what I expected. I don't remember seeing my placenta the first time around, I was busy bonding with Desmond, so I was glad to have this opportunity to witness it, to really know what it looked like.

Before we continue, a little side note about what I am wearing: When I was editing these pictures I reflected that I should have been wearing something special for this occasion, but upon further examination I realized that what I was wearing did hold meaning:
The tank I wore throughout my pregnancy to prenatal yoga class, the shorts are my favorite cut-offs and I was wearing them at Bonnaroo just after my miscarriage, even the flip-flops I bought for and wore on our honeymoon, and I'm wearing Desmond, without him there would be no planting. Special indeed!

Desmond curiously trying to get a better view over my shoulder.
I'm sure our neighbors got an eye full too.

Nestled in the earth shaped like the womb it came from.
Dana really deserves praise for digging such a perfectly round hole.

Covering it with leaves and compost before we plant the forsythia.

One more crucial element for mama's garden, my Madonna. She has been in a state of restoration for a while, perhaps this autumn I can wrap up that project.

She was originally my grandmother's Madonna and she is finally back in the garden after more than a year on our front porch. She is solid cement and I'm pretty sure Dana is hoping he won't have to move her again anytime soon.

The forsythia, my placenta, and Madonna really make this a wonderful beginning to mama's garden.

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