Friday, June 1, 2012

light a fire

What is it about expecting house guests that makes us launch into a cleaning and home improvement frenzy? The fire was lit  here in early spring and we have less than a month to finish up lingering projects.

With my folks visiting this past week we had a chance to wrap up a few and I got my first review of the finished guest room...they LOVED it. Look for a complete post next week!

This past week was all about painting, power washing, and the sun porch lights.

Which started out looking like this...

It could only be worse if they, I don't know, came in pairs.

A Williamsburg inspired sun porch?
Goodbye Ye Olde Lanterns.

Dana and I miraculously agreed on these glass jar lights while out hunting for the guest room lighting, half of which was accomplished here. Since we struggle with conflicting design sensibilities (I'm bold and bright and patterns, he's all earth tones) we decided to strike while the harmonious iron was hot and pick them up...for under $5 each, sweet, we needed four.

Please ignore the circle of grime, I snapped this pic before Dana was done.

YAY!!! Our sun porch is actually starting to feel like a sun porch and not an English tavern. Now it says, "Summer" and "Lightening Bugs" and "Lemonade."

A full makeover for this room is quite low on the priority list (we think big) but it is a place that our guests (mostly my folks) gravitate to and I think our little upgrade adds just a bit more comfort.

I am, however, rethinking those throw pillows.

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