Tuesday, June 19, 2012

digging deep

Sometimes a gift turns into a project. This happens a lot at our house.
I think it's a blessing, my husband may disagree.

A first mother's day gift from my in-laws. My husband's thoughtful mother was paying attention one spring day when I was admiring the flowers on a neighbor's bush.

This overgrown, odd shaped patch to the right of our driveway looks to have been a garden of sorts once. Since it is clearly visible from the house and road I was claiming this space as mama's garden.

I picked a spot and started clearing out weeds and extracting small pines for transplantation. Within minutes I was heading back to the shed to trade in my small garden tools for a serious shovel and rake. This wasn't going to be as easy as it looked.

By the time Dana brought Desmond down to see mama I was fully appreciating this lands unwillingness to give up any growth it had produced, something my husband is all too familiar with.

The previous owners of The Parent Acre inexplicably decided to cut down about half of the trees but didn't bother to remove any stumps. I exchanged my shovel for some baby holding and let Dana make quick work of this particular root to nowhere.

Later in the day I was on mama duty and Dana was getting ready to dig our hole.

But first some vine wrangling. We don't know what these are but they are a force to be reckoned with.

Between mama and papa we weeded out the weeds, relocated leaves, transplanted trees, grabbed compost from the pile and Dana was headed out to pick up some free mulch. 

Did I mention that all of this work was happening in a 5 X 5 foot square?
This old garden bed is a bear and we are taking it one plant at a time.

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