Tuesday, June 5, 2012

before the before

 Before I launch into the guest room restyle post we need to rewind a little. 
Christmas 2010 in New York: I am 7 weeks pregnant, incredibly nauseous, and we are about to close on our new house.

Here come the before the before pictures!
This is what the guest room looked like:

Look closely, all of the socket plates have been painted over.
This goes on in every room, a lot of the actual sockets are painted too, I'm surprised the baseboards were unscathed.

The closet spent about a year without a door, this one was so busted that we pitched it soon after moving in.

Sports Rule !!! 
This quickly became our motto for all of our home improvements.

The negatives in this room kept adding up, but nothing we Dana couldn't handle: red paint, chair rails, new sockets and covers needed, and sports stickers that would have to be sanded off. 

Oh, and that object dangling in the shot at the top right is a baseball bat decorative fan pull, there was also a mitt. They were passed along to our nephew. 

Dana clocked some serious hours removing chair rails, sanding decals, patching and painting, even calling in a little parental help toward the end while I was on baby duty. 

Not to mention installing the new fabulous and functional closet door. I added my miscellaneous single-girl decor and we made it here, to our before.

Whew, looking better already.

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