Monday, April 16, 2012

a little credit

Most weeks I feel like I am working toward deadlines I can't possibly meet. That is a small price to pay, however, for having a very happy baby.

I was feeling beat up last week, like nothing was getting accomplished, and then my boys reminded me of how much I was actually getting done. 

So, today I am taking a little credit for a weeks worth of accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem.

Desmond's bucket hat! I was inspired in early March and determined to make this hat by summer. I followed the Oliver + S Bucket Hat Pattern with a few adjustment here and there (patterns and I rarely get along.) I used scrap fabric from my studio and managed to inadvertently match a dress of mine seen here, oops. I guess I really like that print.

Desmond doesn't care if we match, he thinks his new hat is delicious. 

I also completed a new shipment of owl hats and birdie rattles for Franklin Goose.

Another finished project, shelves and hooks for Desmond's room!!!

My husband and father put the shelves up in February and I got the hooks on the wall this Saturday, hey, it could have been worse. Now we have a place for all of those hats.

On this weeks list: cloth pads for myself and a gift for a friend, feeling like I've got this.

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