Monday, April 30, 2012

a garden's tale

We bought our house in late December 2010 and it had been vacant since the previous April. Needless to say no one had been keeping up the yard. Which is why when we saw this dirt box in the back we assumed the previous owners were gardeners like us. Yay, a home complete with ready made garden! Yay, someone else had already determined the best spot in the yard with ample sunlight for growing!

Did I mention it was December? There were no leaves on the trees. When spring came and our outdoor planning and clean up began we realized that this was no garden box, it was a playground, broken toys included. We were back to square one.

So, added to our list of home repairs was to determine the best spot in the yard for a garden. Not such an easy task given all of our lovely shade trees. Dana tilled up and planted three separate test gardens in the yard to see which spot did the best. I recruited my father to track the sun in the yard, a task he, surprisingly, didn't seem to mind. 

By mid summer it was obvious that all three little gardens were a fail and the best growing vegetables were the potatoes sprouting in our compost pile. But the best spot in the yard had reveled itself, right where our only real grass was thriving, right behind the house adjacent to the porch. By now it was August and I had a baby to birth so fast forward to this spring.

Being the reclaimists that we are, Dana dissembled the "playground" and set to work building our new garden bed. 

He savaged all of the playground wood and had enough left over to build a box around the rose bushes (previous owners') which were only being held back with a few pavers before, you can tell they are happier now. Also salvaged was the wire fence and fence posts from last summer's test gardens.

But the biggest, hardest salvaging of all was the removal and transplantation of the beautiful sod that was in the garden spot. It is now the only living grass in our front yard and that patch looks fantastic. We are hopeful that the rest of the yard will follow it's example.

Next came our delivery of compost/soil mix !!! A house warming present a year and a half in the waiting. Dana left a side of the garden open for the truck to roll right in and the super delivery man did just that. All Dana needed was a nice enough weekend to spread all 10 cubic yards around, and of course it came.

As of yesterday we have our new garden! The soil spreading is complete, garden box enclosed, fence completely up and veggies out of the house and planted in their new home. 

And another long awaited addition, our rain barrel!!! It was an awesome wedding gift (3 years ago) and has made the journey from our old house to the new and finally found it's place here. 

Grow, organic veggies, grow!!! 

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