Monday, April 2, 2012

Fruits of Labor

The past two weeks have been fantastically productive. My mother was visiting and spent a lot of time bonding with Desmond while I sewed away in my studio. Of all of the projects I put to bed recently these are two of my favorites. 

After making the pocket skirts  for two years now I FINALLY made one for myself. 

The two floral fabrics were a generous vintage gift from a neighbor and the mustard yellow from a dear friend's destash.  There were only 2 inch strips of the yellow floral pattern but I loved it and had to find a way to have it for my own. It made a lovely complimentary trim to all of that blue.

This is my favorite part. The pockets are made from one of my husband's old dress shirts. It is the same shirt I used to make the liner for Desmond's pants. 

Pants. Pants pants pants pants. 
My little guy had his Easter dress rehearsal in his new pants and was trying to walk in them before he crawled. A nice blue seersucker on the outside lined with daddy's shirt, and totally reversible. 

What wonderful results. I wonder what inspiration will bud this week?

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