Tuesday, February 14, 2012

first love

Valentine's Day was completely off of my radar this year...until yesterday. Yikes! I couldn't let the day pass without doing something crafty for my little guy. So during nap time yesterday I jumped into the studio and whipped up this onesie.

I was originally stumped for an idea so I started by cutting a red heart from my jersey scraps. Then inspiration hit when I remembered a t-shirt I made for myself six years ago that used velcro letters.  I crossed my fingers in hopes of finding the extra letters still in my notions drawer. Success!!!

I sewed down a strip of velcro to the heart and zig-zagged my heart onto a onesie from our stash of many.  I also had ample letters to change the valentine shirt for a picture for each grandparent too.

So cute and not just great for Valentine's either, he can "heart" just about anything I have the letters for anytime of year. Just not "you," I'm missing my Y.