Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a skirt made for le squirrel

When one of your best friends graduates from college, again, and her party invitation reads "no gifts please," you just smile and nod and start formulating a plan to make her something you know she would love.

After all, this is the same squirrel who was my maid of honor, threw me a bridal shower and is in the process of preparing my baby shower, ha! no gifts indeed. What is a days work in the studio compared to all of that.

I am loving this new design for summer and had to share it with her, especially since I won't be wearing it until next summer due to my growing belly. 

I coaxed her into picking out her own fabrics from whatever I had in the studio and I think this combination suits her perfectly. There is something about it that says "I speak French, I love to cook, and look fabulous doing it."

  It's cotton and light for our heinous hot summers and the pockets make it perfect for any squirrel on the go. 


  1. love! she will love it too! looks just like her. :) xo

  2. Gorgeous skirt! The pattern and colors are lovely. You did an amazing job.