Friday, October 29, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Surprise or Another Reason to Compost

It's been a grueling 3 and a half weeks without my camera, but it's back and I can commence with reporting on all of the eco-goodness in my life.

Last Fall we were in NC visiting family where we were treated to a trip to their farmer's market. I was hosting Thanksgiving and so I purchased 6 tiny white gourds to substitute for candles on my dinner table centerpiece. 

They looked great, but when the season was over we threw them into the garden (our lazy winter composting) to break down and nourish our soil for spring. We never expected to they would plant themselves and grow in the garden this year.

We ended up with about 17 total pumpkins! All much larger than the originals but no bigger than 8" in diameter. We've given some away and I think a couple even made their way to Maine.

I love a compost garden surprise. Just in time for Halloween, best day of the year.

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